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Financial Donations

Do you have questions about who can donate, how they can donate and why donate?

Well, here is the place to get the answers! 

"Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions." - Tradition Seven

Contributions to Central Office can be made in person, at the office, on behalf of yourself or your group. Personal donations are issued a year-end tax receipt, for those who wish. If you have any further questions about contributing to Central Office, you can call them at (905) 522-8399

Contributions to the Hamilton Central Office makes sure that the Office continues to run, as well as provides the financial assistance for the Telephone Answering Service, and many of the Interdistrict Committees that serve both Hamilton Districts!

The long form of the Seventh Tradition reads:

"The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members. We think that each group should soon achieve this ideal; that any public solicitation of funds using the name of Alcoholics Anonymous is highly dangerous, whether by groups, clubs, hospitals, or other outside agencies; that acceptance of large gifts from any source, or of contributions carrying any obligation whatever, is unwise. Then too, we view with much concern those A.A. treasuries which continue, beyond prudent reserves, to accumulate funds for no stated A.A. purpose. Experience has often warned us that nothing can so surely destroy our spiritual heritage as futile disputes over property, money, and authority."

Some commonly asked questions:

Is there a limit on how much an individual can contribute to G.S.O.?
Yes. That limit is $3,000 a year.
Can people leave money to A.A. in their wills?
Bequests in wills are acceptable only from A.A. members on a one-time basis, and not in perpetuity. The limit is $5,000.
My group doesn't have a lot of money. Is it better not to send anything at all until we can afford to make a sizeable contribution?
In the spirit of participation, no contribution toward carrying the message can be too small. Bill W. spoke about our "collective obligation" to support A.A. services, and if everyone waited until they had a "sizeable" amount,  it's more than likely that A.A.'s bills would go unpaid.

Doesn't all A.A. money go into one pot? In other words, when our group contributes to central office (intergroup), isn't our money distributed to the area, district and G.S.O., as well?
No. Each A.A. entity - group, district, area, central office and G.S.O. - provides a specific service and is autonomous. Each is separate from the other.

You can read the Seventh Tradition taken from the book titled Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions here

You can make an online donation directly to G.S.O. (General Service Office in New York) on behalf of yourself (an alcoholic) or your group by clicking here.

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